Become an owner with no stress or worries
    Take full advantage of your boat

Tailored to meet each boat’s specific needs, NewcoYachting France’s Maintenance-Management and Charter-Management proposals, are two contracts designed to remove the burdens of managing and maintaining your boat.

Our objective: that your boat is ready to sail at any time during the season.

Back up

For your comfort, we will maintain your boat at regular intervals, whether or not you sail her. During the course of the year, our maintenance programmes mean that specific maintenance tasks are carried out at regular intervals. Day-to-day maintenance (cleaning, checking the battery charge and the operation of the pumps and engines etc) is carried out on a regular basis.

This means that the time you spend on your boat is entirely dedicated to enjoying life on board and to sailing. The tool chest stays in the bottom of the hold.

In addition, to help you enjoy your boat to the maximum, NewcoYachting France can offer you a range of à la carte services to help remove the burden of logistics.

Before you take off on your cruise: the boat is ready, just pick up the keys, consult the weather forecast and go …

When you return from your cruise: hand the keys back to us ... and we’ll take care of the rest.

The next time you sail, you will find an impeccable boat ready to sail again.