So that it’s a pleasure to step on board

Experience has shown us that, after the initial infatuation of the first few years, some owners skimp on getting their boat ready each time they sail and are afraid of breakdowns that prevent them leaving port.

To tackle this inconvenience, NewcoYachting France’s Maintenance-Management programme will draw up a specific maintenance plan for each boat. This is scrupulously adhered to throughout the year to ensure that your boat is always in A1 condition.

The maintenance plan is divided into two sections: maintenance afloat and wintering.

Maintenance afloat is carried out at regular intervals throughout the year and includes the following:

  • Regular cleaning of the deck and the stainless steel
  • Airing the boat
  • Regular starting-up of the engines and checking the flaps (boats with engines)
  • Checking that all the pumps, valves and all the components of the electrical circuits work properly
  • Checking battery voltage and charge
  • Other tasks

Wintering includes:

  • Cleaning the whole boat and greasing the winches (yachts) and the windlass
  • Checking the rigging and the sails,
  • Checking the tiller system
  • Checking lifelines and life rafts
  • Comprehensive cleaning of the bottom
  • Checking tenders and wintering outboard motors
  • Heating the boat and putting dehumidifiers in place
  • Others

These checking and maintenance programmes mean that we can detect any problems early and communicate them to the owner, so that we can discuss what actions should be taken (repair, replacement, etc.).

If significant work is envisaged, we always supply a written estimate.