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Navigation map central Mediterranean sea

So, you have chosen your boat. Imagine yourself onboard, relax, dream of your next destination and your cruise has practically begun!

We have selected a few useful links to help you prepare for your cruise. They will help you build up a picture of your destination when you leave Port Grimaud, with an indication of the distance and the time required to complete it.

You mustn’t, however, forget to monitor the weather forecast constantly, especially in the Mediterranean, as the Mistral can get up and affect your carefully calculated timings!

  • Located at the extreme West of East Provence, Port Grimaud is:
  • 30 miles from Porquerolles
  • 25 miles from Cannes
  • 80 miles from Calanques and the Côte Bleue
  • 100 miles from Corsica
  • 190 miles from Sardinia
  • 150 Miles from Elba
  • 210 miles from the Balearics

To obtain more information on any one of these destinations, please contact us. The success of a cruise lies in good preparation.

One is never alone out there. The magic of dolphins swimming along.
The day belongs to the early riser. Bay of Santa Guilia, SE Corsica 5h30 AM
This one is not for charter, but you can find them in the NE of Sardinia
Link to web site of MeteoFrance (in french only sorry)

Are you a newcomer to cruising? This link will provide you with advice to help you prepare for your voyage.

Do you want to sail in the waters of Sicily, Croatia, Greece or the West Indies? Contact us.