Spending the weekend on board?
    Sailing into other waters?
        Everything is possible with our à la carte services.

Your time is precious: our à la carte services were created to reduce the time you spend worrying about the logistics associated with cruising boats.

Do you want to sail in other waters but avoid deep-sea sailing? We can transport your boat into any area you choose.

To ensure that sailing is a pleasure for all the members of the crew, you must attend to everyone’s wishes. To do this, we have developed these services that can be fully individualized. Please contact us to talk about your specific requirements.

You will be able to enjoy your boat and the sunshine of the Côte d'Azur, even for just a weekend.

Before you sail, we can:

  • Organise the transport of your boat, one way, to a port of your choice
  • Hire a suitable crew, (skipper, hostess)
  • Pick you up from the airport or the train station
  • Look for a car park or a enclosed garage for your car
  • Supply provisions for the boat according to a list you have sent to us
  • Fill the fridges and chill the drinks
  • Prepare the first meal onboard after your arrival
  • Provide onboard hotelier service (cleaning, making the beds etc.)

To provide the maximum possible assistance while you sail, we can be contacted 24 hours a day.

On your return,

  • You only have to hand over the keys, we’ll do the rest.

Enjoy your boat and derive full benefit from your time on board, become an owner without the stress or worry: dreamland!