Owning a boat without the stress or worry

The Charter-Management contract is an extension of the maintenance offered in the Maintenance-Management contract, with the additional benefit that you charter your unit.
Under the Charter-Management contract, most of the expenses linked to the maintenance of your boat may be covered by charter revenues.

We receive many requests to charter both sailing and multi-hull yachts and NewcoYachting France always aims to satisfy a demanding charter clientele that appreciates the finest, extremely well-equipped and individualised boats. Over 70% of our clients charter the same unit on a regular basis.

The Charter -Management contract allows you to benefit from our database of lessees and charter your boat:

  • Yachts up to 50 feet are chartered with or without crews, depending on the lessees’ skill or wishes
  • Motor yachts and yachts of over 50 feet are only chartered with crews.

At the end of each charter, in order to avoid disputes, we carry out a rigorous inspection of the boat, including below the waterline and we draw up a detailed inventory, as well as carrying out a scrupulous cleaning programme.

To receive an individualized proposal, please contact us.