Quayside berths located within Port Grimaud marina, characterised by :     
Ease of access
Quality of shelter
Quietness and security of surrounding

The beauty of Port Grimaud has made it one of the most visited tourist sites of France.

NewcoYachting France’s quayside moorings are located in the quietest and most protected part of the marina of Port Grimaud. A permanent security service enhances access control of the closed off neighborhood surrounding the marina, thus providing a peaceful and most pleasant stay while you are moored at quay. Away from the hustle and bustle.

The quay of the marina have gone through extensive refurbishment work during 2002/2003, providing now a superb infrastructure, equipped with a very convenient electronic card based payment system, allowing access to services such as :

  • Water and electricity at the quay terminals
  • Shower and toilets at the Marina Capitainerie
  • WiFi for data connection